At Stone Wall Studio® we believe that if you compare investment, quality of recording equipment, and expertise of engineers, then you will find a trip to Groveton, Texas ultimately saves money and provides recording services which are as good as (and even better than) those found anywhere in the Southwest.

Since opening for (general) business in 1994, Stone Wall Studio® has continually upgraded and expanded its recording abilities and product quality. As a world-class, state of the art facility, Stone Wall Studio® also excels by consistently offering personalized sessions and increased artistic value to musicians such as YOU, minus the inflated costs usually associated with recording studios. Stone Wall Studio®'s woodland location offers an escape from the typical big city hassles, so musicians can concentrate on their creative and technical work, while enjoying some hard earned peace and quiet.

For more information contact:
Travis Kitchens
Stone Wall Studio®
P.O.Box 855, Groveton, TX 75845
(936) 642-2142
Fax: (936) 642-2438