Stone Wall Studio offers a state of the art recording facility.

Our equipment list is in a continuous mode of updating.

For the current list of equipment we are using, please email us at and we will email you our current list.

For starters, here’s som information on the equipment Stone Wall utilizes in helping you convey your dreams and talents to history:

Audio Recording, Editing, and Production:

Stone Wall uses top of the line professional microphones such as the Neumann U-87, and other microphones by Audio-Technica, AKG, and Shure.

Stone Wall now offers 48 tracks (16 track live recording) of Pro Tools LE 7 hard drive recording using Apple’s Mac Pro computer with Digidesign 003 Rack Factory, Presonus DigiMax D8, Lucid GENx192 Ultra-Low Jitter Studio Master Clock, Antares Auto Tune 5 Plug0In, with Digidesign Music Production Toolkit including plug-ins including Bomb Factory BF-3A, Moogerfooger Ring Modulator, Moogerfooger Analogy Delay, SansAmp PSA-1, Cosmonaut Voice, JoeMeek SC2 Photo Optical Compressor, JoeMeek VC5 Meequalizer, Tel-Ray Variable Delay, Voce Spin, Voce Chorus.Vibrato, Di-Fi Bundle, Hyrid synthesizer, TL Space Native Edition convolution reverb, Smack! LE intelligent noise reduction tool plug-ins, as well as multitrack Beat Detective rhythm analysis and correction tool. In addition to our "in-the-box" plug-ins, Stone Wall also uses top of the line outboard gear by Eventide, Lexicon, Aphex, TL Audio, and more.

Mixing and mastering is accomplished using Dell’s XPS computer with Sony’s Sound Forge 7, 8, and 9 and CD Architect 5.0, together with numerous plug-ins.

Video Post-production Editing:

Stone Wall offers video post-production editing using Mac Pro and Final Cut Pro.  Stone Wall can turn your raw concert footage into an entertaining music video or film.

CD and DVD Duplication:

Stone Wall offers CD and DVD duplication with on disc printing.  We can help you design your CD and/or DVD label and customize your packaging to present your audio and/or video product to your friends, family, and fans in a professional format.