The History of the Stone Wall Rockers™ Rhythm & Blues Revue:

In 1997
a bunch of blues wannabes
hanging around Stone Wall Studio®
in Groveton, Texas
thought it would be a good thing
to bring rhythm and blues music
to the masses of East Texas in
tribute to Jack and Elwood Blues,
The Blues Brothers,
and to the
Master Blues Men and Women who inspired them.
On September 13, 1997
the musical menagerie of manic minstrels
the Stone Wall Rockers Rhythm and Blues Revue™
began their manical minstrels tour at the
Fourth Annual Pineywoodstock
in Nacogdoches, Texas.

As the world turns
and the days turn into years
The Stone Wall Rockers
have continued
their work in bringing
rhythm and blues,
and some classic rock ‘n roll,
to the masses of East Texas
and beyond.

Thank you, Thank you very much.