General Terms & Conditions


Standard Hourly Rate (includes engineer): $60.00 per hour
Block Rate (includes engineer): $50.00 per hour per 20 hour block;
Special Terms and Conditions for Block Rate: each 20 hour block is payable in advance; after first 20 hour block is used up, additional blocks of 20 hours must be paid in advance to continue receiving $50.00 per hour rate. Up to 24 tracks of master tape plus 5 CDs provided as part of this Block Rate package.

Set-up Time:
If block rate is purchased, you get one (1) hour free set-up time; otherwise, the hourly rate starts to run when the session is scheduled to start unless the delay is the fault of studio’s.

Miscellaneous Things:

There is a minimum studio rate of 5 hours for any recording session on Saturday or Sunday.
There is a minimum of 3 hours for any recording session Monday through Friday.
Clock starts to run at time session is scheduled to begin.
Please understand that our engineers are required to be on time and we have reserved the studio specifically for your project at the scheduled time. Please be on time.

“Assumption of Liability” applies while on premises and during use of studio amenities.

See General Terms and Conditions elsewhere on this website.


Duplication Charges:
CD-R $10.00 each if recorded elsewhere; $5.00 each if recorded at Stone Wall

Texas sales tax of 6.25% applies to all supply & duplication prices unless resale certificate provided; prices subject to change; prices shown are good with presentation of this price list; prices do not include printing labels, inserts, j-cards, etc.

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Payment Terms: Stone Wall Studio will accept cash, check (with proper ID), VISA or Master Card in payment for your deposit and recording costs. An advance deposit of twenty-five (25%) of the expected cost is required to book the studio, unless the 25 hour block for $50.00 per hour package is chosen. If the 25 hour package for $50.00 per hour is chosen, a non-refundable deposit of $1,250.00 is required. Seventy-two (72) hours, or more, advance notice of cancellation will result in a refund of your deposit, (if other than the 25 hour block rate package), less a 10% cancellation fee. If less than seventy-two (72) hours notice of cancellation is given, you forfeit your deposit. If the 25 hour package is chosen, no refund will be made; however, the retainer will be applied to the rescheduled session, less a charge of 20% if cancelled with less than 72 hours notice. Balance is due upon conclusion of each session unless otherwise agreed upon. In the event any money is due to Stone Wall upon conclusion of the recording services contemplated by this Recording Agreement, Artist shall pay same, in full, prior to release of any tapes, master, mixdown or otherwise, by Stone Wall to Artist. For this purpose, Stone Wall retains a possessory lien in any such tapes, master, mixdown, or otherwise, and shall be entitled to maintain custody and possession of same, until such time as all sums due under this recording contract have been paid in full.

Place for Payment: Any and all sum due and payable under this Recording Agreement are payable to Stone Wall at P. O. Box 855, Groveton, Trinity County, Texas, 75845.

Recording Studio Credit: Artist agrees to give credit, upon any distribution of the recording made at Stone Wall, as follows: "Recorded at Stone Wall Studio, Groveton, Texas" with appropriate credit to the engineers involved.

Confidentiality: Artist and Stone Wall agree that under no circumstances, provided that Artist so elects, will any copies, recordings, tapes, programs, sequences or record of Artist's performance or music remain in possession of Stone Wall upon payment in full of agreed final charges. Due to the proprietary nature of Artist's music, arrangements, programs, sequences and performances, there shall be complete privacy and confidentiality regarding any and all of Artist's material of whatever kind or nature. If Artist and Stone Wall agree otherwise, such agreement shall be written and signed by both parties.

Indemnification: Artist agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Stone Wall from any copyright or trademark infringements which may be asserted in any court of law, State or Federal, resulting from the recording and distribution of any music from Stone Wall by Artist, and further represents that Artist has obtained, or will obtain, prior to release and distribution, full authority of the appropriate copyright owner(s) to record and distribute the music recorded at Stone Wall.

Limitation of Liability:
Stone Wall cannot, does not and will not warrant the ultimate quality of the music recorded by Artist, because ultimately such quality depends on the talents and performance of the Artist. However, Stone Wall does warrant that the facilities, equipment, goods and services of Stone Wall are fit for the purposes of professional recording, and that all equipment, goods, work and services provided by Stone Wall or its agents, including Tom Peirce Baker, Chief Recording Engineer, will be of good and merchantable quality and good workmanlike quality. Artist acknowledges that, except as provided herein, there are no warranties, expressed or implied.

ASSUMPTION OF LIABILITY: Artist acknowledges that he/she may be staying at the "Bunkhouse" situated on property belonging to Travis E. Kitchens, Jr. and Susan Kitchens ("the property"). During such stay in the Bunkhouse, and otherwise while on the premises of Stone Wall Studio and the property of Travis E. Kitchens, Jr. and Susan Kitchens, ARTIST, and all persons brought and/or invited onto the property by ARTIST or on ARTIST's behalf, agree to waive any liability for any personal injuries and/or damages, including but not limited to property loss and/or damage, and agree to indemnify and hold harmless Stone Wall Enterprises, Inc., Travis E. Kitchens, Jr., Susan Kitchens, Will Kitchens, Nathaniel Kitchens, Tom Peirce Baker, Brandon Fowler, Don May, and any other agents of Stone Wall Enterprises, Inc. ARTIST, for himself and such persons involved in his recording project, represent and acknowledge that the ground on the property is not level, that snakes, bugs, spiders and other animals and insects inhabit the area, that there are water and other potential hazards and ARTIST, together with such person(s) involved in his recording project, accept full liability and responsibilities for their actions and any injuries and/or damages that may be sustained while on the property.